Med384 Paper

Med384 Paper

Write a 5-page paper on Lady Bird that centers or addresses in some way the issues of women and representation. Do a close reading/textual analysis that engages it in terms of style/aesthetics, characterization/performance, ideology/politics, genre/mode, narratology/structure, and/or industry.

-Focus more on analyzing the movie and the article I have provided. Do not spend multiple pages talking about or giving a synopsis of the movie.

-Make sure there is a thesis in the first paragraph (the thesis should be on class division and/or unapologetic feminism.) Make sure you repeat the thesis in the last paragraph too. These two things are also themes of the paper, so keep bringing up class division and representation.

-Make sure one of the paragraphs talks about the female gaze.

-I have already provided a source that you can reference, make sure to use that in the paper more than once and reference the movie.

-Make sure to cite the article and movie. (the movie is available on netflix so cite it using netflix)


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