Medicalisation as the factor of increasing health expenditure in Hong Kong

Medicalisation as the factor of increasing health expenditure in Hong Kong

Topic: The Hong Kong government is very concerned about increasing annual health expenditure. What are the causes for this increase, and do you think that the government’s recent measures and proposed reforms are appropriate to handle the increase?

This is part of an essay.

Please complete the essay by discussing how medicalisation is one of the causes that increase government health expenditure in Hong Kong.

and please also recommend how to tackle the problem

Content outline as below: ( please focus more on point 3 and recommendation)

Macro- problem 2 – Medicalisation

1- Increase recognition of Chinese Medicine in treating diseases causing public hospitals to collaborate with Chinese medicine clinics.

opening Chinese medical clinics.

2- Medicalisation of behavioural problems into psychiatric problems which need medications (<link is hidden> referral to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Centre or clinical psychologist in the public health care system)

*3- Medicalisation of syndromes into recognised physical problems / health conditions/ disease that requires medical attention, hence increase health expenditure (pre-menstruation syndromes)

* Recommendations

– Demedicalisation (but be careful and determine what can be de-medicalise without negative consequence( <link is hidden> homosexuality was de-medicalised )


– To describe how the topic can relate or affect the health of people

– To analyze critically the impact of the specific social issues on the health of people

– To justify the reasons with relevant support from the literature. To broaden your knowledge

base, develop your analytic ability, and strengthen your power of synthesis, you must use at least 4 different sources (<link is hidden> book chapters, journal articles, official documents, newspapers, online sources, etc.) as the base for your essay. These sources should be cited appropriately and fairly frequently in your assignment


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