Module 6 Assignment

Module 6 Assignment

1. In Chapter 2 (Managing Organizational Change), the authors discuss Six Images of Change Management. Briefly define and discuss each one. (2 pages minimum)

2. In Chapter 2 of your textbook (Managing Organizational Change) you will find the Self-Assessment entitled What is Your Image of Managing Change? Take and score the instrument. Don’t forget to divide by 4. What are your scores in the six images? Now, answer the four questions at the end of the instrument. What is your reaction to your scores? Do you agree or disagree? Why? (1 page minimum)

3. After reading Chapter 7 in your 36-Hour Organizational Development textbook, summarize the key points. Be specific in your summary. (2 pages minimum)

4. Go to ~donclark/leader and take the Leadership Style Survey. Summarize your results including your score in each of the three styles – Authoritarian, Participative, and Delegative. You may want to do an Internet search to help you define each of the areas. Now, let’s assume you have a leadership role in an organization. How would your style impact your approach to leading change? (1 pages minimum)


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