Motor Unit behavior

Motor Unit behavior

Case Study #6

Motor unit behavior has been studied for nearly 100 years since first described by Adrian and Bronk (Journal of Physiology, 1928). There are many reasons to study motor unit behavior with recordings at the muscle. Perhaps you want to study motor unit behavior because of a neuromuscular disease state. Maybe you want to study the effects of high performance training on motor unit behavior. Alternatively, you might be studying motor unit behavior in a given condition simply to understand the basic physiology better. Whatever the case, there have been thousands of motor unit studies that help to shape our understanding of the motor system.

This case study is very straightforward. I need you to find 15 studies (using pubmed or google scholar) and write a couple sentences about each study you find. Now here is the trick. All 15 need to have a different muscle being studied. Some studies may exam multiple muscles, which is fine as long as some of them are different. Here is an example of what I want for each one:

1. ZA Riley et al. (Muscle and Nerve, 2008)- Studied bursts of single motor units from Biceps Brachii. This was a basic science study to understand the transient recruitment of motor unit during sustained muscle contractions.

So, you can write the first author and et al. if there are more than two authors. If there are two authors just write both of their names. Then follow it in parentheses with the journal name and year. Bold the name of the muscle(s) being studied. Finally write a sentence or two about what the study was about.

I would make sure you leave plenty of time to research and find studies for this list. Be creative and do plenty of searching so you can see what all muscles have been studied and why they are being studied.

After you finish listing and describing your 15 studies, I want you to pick one that you are most fascinated with. Whatever study you choose you will write an additional 250 words about that study. Basically go into much more detail than what you did when you made your list.


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