Mythology – Origin Myths

Mythology – Origin Myths


For this assignment you will pick a myth of origin. This can be a myth from one of our readings, or it can be a creation story that hasn’t been assigned. In this assignment you will write an essay analyzing this creation myth using the concepts we have discussed thus far (**see bottom of page for links on how to interpret and define myths). Be sure to address the following topics in your essay:

Explain the context of the myth, including what culture, region, or belief held this creation story

What kind of creation story it is, and why

What kinds of gender roles are shown in this myth

What this myth tells us about the culture where it came from and what values it holds

You may briefly summarize the creation myth you are studying in your essay, but keep the summary short. The emphasis in this essay should be on analyzing the myth. Remember to support each of the points in your essay with examples and explanation from the myth itself.


Your essay should be 2-3 pages in length (500-750 words). It should be typed, using 12-pt. font, and double-spaced. Submit it by Sunday at 11:59 PM Eastern time on the week assigned.

Sources and Citing:

You should cite the source you used for this myth using APA or MLA style. You don’t need to use any additional sources but if you do, use good sources and cite them appropriately.

Some good resources for myths include:

Gibbs, Laura. Mythology and Folklore UN-Textbook. Available at <link is hidden> (you may also use links from the pages of each of these myths as good, established sources).

If you want to focus more on Greek mythology, you may use Theoi Greek Mythology, available at <link is hidden> or use Hamilton’s Mythology text.

You can also use any other sources used in the course.

Finally, keep the Academic Honesty Tutorial in mind as you quote, paraphrase, and cite sources. Writing should be in your own words with sources cited correctly. This submission will be reviewed by Turnitin, software designed to check whether written sources are original.

Additional Considerations:

A good essay will have a point that it is making: this is the thesis. It will support this point with other points and evidence to explain why this perspective is correct. It will be detailed and descriptive and show that you have thought about the subject. Remember to revise your essay – reread it to see what can make your words clearer. And finally, proofread your essay to make sure you are using good grammar and have spelled everything correctly.


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