Native American Women

Native American Women (Pueblo, Iroquois, or Taino)


Worth: 25 points

DIRECTIONS: Please provide a specific and accurate response to one of the essays below. Make sure that your thoughts are presented in an organized manner, the information in your own words, and give specific examples from the module content, clips, and readings (Through Women’s Eyes (CLASS BOOK) and Course Reader (DOCUMENTS)). Do not use outside sources. The responses should be at least 5-6 paragraphs (with a clear introduction, three-four body, and conclusion paragraphs). A paragraph, in general, is 5 sentences or more. You should reference at least one primary document and one secondary source. Do not use block quotes. Response must be formatted in MLA format. (See rubric below)


How did Native American women (from tribes like the Pueblo, Iroquois, and/or Taino) challenge notions of European patriarchy and/or gender roles? Be specific and give examples.


Your answer will be assessed on the following:

Thesis (5 points): A thesis statement (that is underlined) is presented in the middle or end of the introduction; the thesis clearly indicates the topic and position or argument that the paper will take. The thesis is supported within the body paragraphs.

Detail/Examples (5 points): Each paragraph must serve to answer the question; information used provides specific details (<link is hidden> what, when, where, why, how, who, etc.); essay avoids vague statements. Examples are drawn from module, pre-recorded lecture, clips and/or readings.

Critical Thinking/Analysis (5 points): The content of the essay provides evidence of critical thinking (illustrating connections, effects, continuity, change and/or significance). It provides concrete examples. Use key terms (with explanations) and uses documents from reader or textbook (found at the end of the chapters) when possible.

Evidence (5 points): At least one primary document from Course Reader, TWE doucments (at the end of the chapter) or primary source handout/link is correctly used as evidence to support ideas in paragraph as well as a secondary sources (modules, pre-recorded lectures, clips, TWE). The source is clearly identified (<link is hidden> author, title, and page number); a direct quote is used, as well as the source is thoroughly explained and connected back to the paragraph’s topic. Do not use block quotes.

Organization (3 points): The essay is presented in an organized manner. There is a well-developed introduction with a thesis statement (that is underlined); paragraphs beginning with a topic sentence and end with a transitional sentence; the main topic is clearly identified in the topic sentence, and each paragraph is limited to one topic. Clear indicated where paragraphs begin and end. The paper must be formatted in MLA format.


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