Native People

The following prompt pertains to the topics we covered in weeks 1 & 2 of the semester. This also includes the postings in “Course Documents.” You are to type a 4 to 5 paragraph response minimum using only the class materials (lectures, Blackboard postings, image files, and assigned readings). If you feel that exceeding 5 paragraphs can earn you a better grade, feel free to do so – but don’t go over 7. A well-constructed paragraph is 5 to 7 sentences.

This brief essay is to be reflective and contemplative on the meaning and significance of the topics we covered in the first couple of weeks rather than research oriented. Therefore, do not use internet sources as there is no need for research. Additionally, for most of this portion of the course, they are not that helpful anyway.

I want to know your views, conclusions, and your synthesis rather than someone else’s. Plus, why do unnecessary work?

This part of the assignment is worth FIFTEEN (15) points.

No handwritten assignments will be accepted.


There are many false impressions and images regarding Native People and Nations, which are the modern legacies of colonialism. These views are perpetuated and reinforced in general society, such as in film. However, all levels of education have compounded the problem by giving very little to no acknowledgment of the history of Native Americans. Therefore, views from the preceding developments have arisen that include, but are not limited to:

1) Nothing of historical importance and/or of lasting consequence occurred in the Native American lands prior to contact in 1492, and that Columbus was the first European to lead an expedition to the Western Hemisphere;

2) Native Americans lived a simplistic lifestyle in semi-isolated camps and villages with little to no contact with other Native American groups, and that the Native Americans had a small population;

3) All Native American societies, beliefs, and languages are essentially the same with only minor differences, and that Native American cultures are stagnant and have not changed over time.

We have spent a couple weeks just scratching the surface about how those views arose and how they are inaccurate.

In your response, explain why TWO of three themes listed above are inaccurate. Some points to consider for your response are what was occurring in North America before 1492 that runs counter to those views; how those views arose & became accepted; and why few colleges & universities offer pre-1500 American history courses.

Again, your brief essay is to be reflective and contemplative rather than research oriented. All the info you need is from class notes & Blackboard postings. Feel free to communicate with your classmates to think of ideas, or contact me if you have questions.


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