New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence

Final Paper | Graded

Final Paper

No Plagiarizing

Your paper for this class is a 2,000-word (six-to-seven-page), APA-formatted, 12-point-type, Times New Roman-font, double-spaced manuscript. The purpose of the paper is to reinforce the notion of psychology as practiced in the community, with simultaneous exploration of a body of research and/or published literature regarding your topic. Based on your readings and what you find interesting, you will need to:

Select a location (Venue) in which psychology is practiced in the community

I CHOSE NEW HAMPSHIRE COALITION AGAINST DOMESTIC AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE (<link is hidden> /> Select an aspect of psychological service provision (Task) related to that venue

How Paper Should Look:

1) Title page, word count, and proper formatting (Please label sections both

numerically and with words.)

2) Introduction (one page)

• State why you have chosen this venue and task

3) Venue (two pages)

• Name your venue

o Provide detailed information about it, including the services

provided there

4) Task (two pages)

• Provide a summary of each reference you selected

o State how they relate to one another and to the venue you selected

5) Conclusion (one page)

• State what you learned from this assignment and how it added to or

changed your knowledge of this area3

6) Proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar/use of complete sentences

Be sure to find other sources of this venue (New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence)


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