NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014


As a health professional it is important that you understand the accessibility requirements of venues, activities and events for people with a disability. All Local Governments in NSW are required by the NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014 (DIA) to undertake Accessibility Action planning. This assessment has been designed for you to understand the requirements for a person with a disability to access events or venues in order for them to undertake their normal everyday activities. The assessment is designed to assist you to view environments within local communities for a user perspective in particular reference to the barriers that exist for people with people’s needs.


This task has two components. The assessment is designed to allow you to start viewing environments within our communities from a user perspective. You are to undertake an audit on your local swimming or leisure centre and make observations on any other areas within the venue that you believe will assist you to undertake the assessment. You are then to write the findings of your audit into a report that could be handed to the local business owner; including the creation of a best practice guide that the venue can use to improve community participation by people with a particular type of disability or condition. For the resource you must select an identified population of people with a disability or condition. The report will include recommendations for any changes under the following headings.


– overview of service and location

– where does there funding come from

– what services do they offer Condition or disability to be covered

– What is it?

– What are their physical, emotional, cognitive requirements that are specific for this population

– Justification for why you choose this condition Outcome of Audit

– Accessibility to Building (both internal and external)

– Access to Services

– Access to Website

– Usability of Physical Resources Reducing Barriers

– Recommendations to reducing barriers to any of the above areas for the condition or disabilty you have overviewed.

In addtion you will use this information to develop a one page best practice guideline of how to undertake an activity at your location for the specific condition discussed as below with the following headings

Best Practice to undertake <link is hidden> (activity)

Overview of condition

Activity to undertake

Precautions for condition and activity

Linked to relevant literature on condition and activity (at least two articles sourced)

Expected outcomes from participation in the activity for your population

Adaptations to activity or venue for condition

Please note a penalty of 4 marks will be deducted from your assessment for 10% over the word limit.


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