Nurse Theorist Guidelines: Paper and Presentation

Nurse Theorist Guidelines: Paper and Presentation


•          This 8 page paper and presentation assignment is designed for the RN student to explore the theory/conceptual model of a recognized nursing theorist. 

•          The assignment will serve to provide experience with professional writing, values clarification, oral communication, informatics, critical thinking and understanding context.

Paper Guidelines:


•          What is this paper about?

•          What will the paper accomplish?

•          Share your thinking about why you selected this theorist to investigate.

•          Why is this topic important?

•          Must have Thesis statement (last sentence of introduction).

•          1-2 paragraphs.

•          Write in the 3rd person.

Biography of Theorist

•          This is a brief description of the theorist’s biography and career.

•          Include identified influences on why the theory was developed or other connections to the theory.

•          **What was the historical, economic and sociopolitical environment at the time?

•          2-3 paragraphs.

•          Write in the 3rd person, and be sure to cite your sources.

Analysis of the Theory

•          Describe in your own words (paraphrase) your understanding of the theorist’s work.

•          Select 1 main idea of the theory to describe and discuss.

•          Identify how each of the 4 metaparadigm concepts (person, health, environment, and nursing) is viewed. 1 ½ -2 pages

•          Write in the 3rd person. Be sure to cite your sources.

Application to Nursing Care

•          Using an example from the literature (nursing journal) summarize how this theory is being used to guide the delivery of nursing care. 

•          Write in the 3rd person. 1-2 pages.

•          How would you put into action the concepts of this theorist’s work?

•          Connect the theory concepts to your thoughts and actions in a personal story from your practice to show application of the theory.

•          Use a story that shows you using the theory or look back and think about how you might have cared for a patient differently using the theory.

•          2-3 pages. For this section, you may write in the 1st person.


•          Your reflection on the content and reaction to what you learned. 

•          What does learning about theory mean to you now?

•          Why is what you have learned important for nursing? 

•          What if anything, do you value about this theory?

•          Why or why not?

•          Why should nurses as a profession care about this topic?

•          1-2 paragraphs. 

•          May write in the first person.

Writing style, originality of writing, grammar, spelling

•          Correct use of Standard English grammar, spelling and paraphrasing.

•          Clear, concise and readable writing style.

•          Writing is original and is paraphrased appropriately.

•          Paragraphs have topic sentences and are fully developed.

•          Typed, 8 page minimum does not include title and reference pages.

•          Submitted to Safe Assign and final copy Safe Assign report attached.

APA format – 7th edition

•          Correct title page, format, page numbers, margins, correct font, headings, etc.

•          Correct APA citations for references in text

•          References: At least 6 or more

          Use articles found through CINAHL searches, including articles found using the FIND IT button.

          Do not use articles found on other websites.

          Two resources, either article or book/chapter, must be written by the theorist herself. Video interviews with the theorist also count here.

          All other articles must be from reputable US nursing journals.

          Must have at least one journal article where RN is the author.

          Use Hood book. This book is great to use to explain about the Metaparadigm.

          Use at least one Nurse Theorist book (e.g. Masters/2015 Book – available on library reserve; or Alligood & Tomey/2013 available online through the library resource guide).

•          Reference page in correct APA format.

•          Headings in APA format: all major headings (as noted in paper guideline) start at first level. Thereafter, second and third level headings used appropriately to organize the paper.

•          Do not write an abstract.

•          Strongly suggest booking a Writing Center appointment to review your final draft of your paper, you should plan on at least one hour.


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