Nursing in Vietnam war

Nursing in Vietnam war

1. Historical Impact: Summarize what you learned about this topic or person, including contributions and impact the event and/or person had on nursing history. Make sure to emphasize the historical aspects of the event or person that were influential to the field of nursing.

2. Contemporary Professional Relevance: Discuss the professional relevance of this historical event or person to present-day, contemporary nursing.

3. Personal Impact: Explain in detail what relevance this will have in your own, personal practice as a future professional in the field of nursing?


• At least 5 professional and reliable resources must be referenced in your paper, and these resources must come from at least 3 different media. All information and data that is not part of your own knowledge base, any work which is not your own, and any quotations, must be cited correctly using APA format

• Title & reference pages, conforming to the selected format (APA) such as 12-point font, double spacing, and 1-inch margins. Writing must be organized, clear, concise, & logical, & be written with correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, & sentence and paragraph structure

Must be done:

1. General historical impact Vietnam War

2. A few nurses’ stories: struggles challenges PTSD

3. Compare some department how they are working in Vietnam War and now (triage, emergency, surgery)

4. War nurse’s vs civilian nurses

5. Any changes in how we treat people with PTSD now compare to pass

6. Role nurses in today war: how they change


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