nutrition education

Answer the following questions with 150 word responses for each question.

1. In at least 150 words, discuss the role nutrition education programs play in the community. Investigate and describe the nutrition education programs that are available in your community. Pick one and describe how it is set up. Describe the components, eligibility criteria, how it is marketed, the target audience, goals and purpose of the program, and the type of nutrition education provided. In response to your classmates, discuss how you would determine if a client would benefit from a community nutrition program and how you would help them access it.

2. You will begin working on a proposal for the nutrition education program you created in your Unit 7 Assignment. Think about who and/or where you would want to implement the nutrition education program you created. Who would you need to contact and send this proposal to? In at least 150 words, post a draft copy of your letter here. In response to your classmates, identify any further questions you would want to ask if you were responding to the letter.

3. This is going to require some research. In at least 150 words, answer the following:

First, research the nutrition licensing laws for your state (MD) and share the results with your classmates.

List at least two different job titles/options you can search for using your Bachelor’s in Nutrition degree. Next, complete a job search for each of the two you chose and share the job title, description, and qualifications for each job. Finally, out of the two you have researched, which one do you feel you will be most qualified for and in which ways?


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