Operations & Supply-Chain Management in a period of transformation

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Subject: Operations Management

Individual Research Assessment Requirement:

Operations & Supply-Chain Management in a period of transformation.

Over the past few years, the sector has accelerated and it’s fundamental to embrace the latest trends or risk falling behind. Organization key objectives in increasing profit are either by increasing revenue or by reducing operational costs. Increasing operational efficiency through cost reduction will increase revenue over time. Thus operations managers are must sustain profitable operations.
On the flipside, pace of technology innovation moves at neck breaking speed and organizations rush to catch-up with latest trend to acquire competitive edge. Operational excellence is beyond productivity: efficiency and effectiveness. Operation manager must provide leadership and pave improvement towards a new future.

In line to this, large corporate investment organization consistently conducted annual initiative to investigate and share insight and advice to global businesses on how to achieve mission critical business strategies through appreciation of the future trends especially optimization of technologies in organizational Operations Management (OpsMgt) and Supply-Chain Management (SCM). Their studies showed that the pace of technological innovation, among many other factors, is faster today than ever before and changes both the OpsMgt and SCM operational landscape.

Below are the future trends in OpsMgt & SCM that were identified as strategic for most organizations. Such strategic initiatives are defined as those with substantial disruptive potential that is just beginning to break out of an emerging state into broader impact and use or which are rapidly growing trends with a high degree of volatility reaching tipping points over the next five years.

Individual Research Report:

Submission Instruction:

The research topic as below for the research report.

(Big Data Analytics & Supply Chain Logistics Coming Together)

Big Data is here, thanks to the digitization of the supply chain, the growth in IoT, and the greater availability of customer data. Companies today have access to enormous amounts of data and are using this to generate business intelligence ranging from understanding past performances to predicting future trends. Using Big Data, it’s possible to determine customer preferences and market trends, as well as redefine the supply chain.

Write a research report: critically evaluate your above findings:

– Research Introduction: Problem statement, aim & objectives
– Appraise your literature reviews to your chosen topic (minimum 5 research citations)
– Critically evaluate your findings (Analysis): its impact to organization productivity and strategies
– Critically appraise your recommendation on how organization/s within United Arab Emirates can adopt and benefit from your findings


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