Organizational Behavior Chapters

1. After reading the assigned Organizational Behavior Chapters 5 & 6 identify and give a brief description of three motivational theories identified in the readings. Explain why these are important to managing change. You may also use the internet to search for descriptions of the theories. Cite your sources. (2 pages minimum)

2. Summarize your Extended DISC results. How do you think you would react to significant change in your life – personal and career? There are several sections discussing you personal motivation and reactions to pressure situations. After reviewing these pages, how would significant change impact your motivation/work satisfaction? (2 pages minimum) (first attachment)

3. The Gallup Q12 survey reports that almost 67% of workers are not engaged. However, in the best organizations in America they have 70% engagement. Obviously this has a tremendous impact on organizational productivity and profits. With all the interest in engagement, companies are working to improve engagement. Watch the following videos on engagement:

Employee Engagement: 5 Ways to Immediately Engage Employees

Summarize the major points from all the videos. To answer the next part, you may want to conduct additional Internet searches. From what you have learned from the videos and your Internet search, what steps would you as a leader take to engage employees, especially in times of change. (2 pages minimum)


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