Organizational Change Paper

Organizational Change Paper

Select a topic of current or potential organizational change (your choice). As an example, it may be an organization going through a merger or acquisition; the adoption of a new performance management system, a business change, a system change, etc. Whatever example you choose, please first explain it briefly. This will help ensure that your submitted work can be followed.

When completing the assignment, please show your own work and analysis, use your own words to explain no copy/paste from course materials). Be sure to customize templates as appropriate if using existing tools. Your work must consist all 5 components below. Each of the 5 components should be at least 1/2 page up to a maximum of 1 standard page in length each.

1 – Summary of the example you choose, please first explain it briefly.

2 – Analyze one model covered during the course Bridges, Lewin, Kotter, Porter’s Five Forces, DICE, or other, etc.) and explain in detail how the model influenced how your change management plan was designed using the model

3 – Complete a stakeholder analysis that identifies all key business, individual, employee, customer and others who will either be impacted or need to be made aware of the change.

4 – Change management plan including any pre-planning/preparation all the way through to completion of the change initiative and beyond

5 – Communication plan that includes a focus on stakeholders who need to be consistently communicated with throughout the change


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