Organizational Development

1. Watch the following YouTube video about Organizational Development often referred to as OD. Summarize the key points being made about OD. (1 page minimum) HR Basics: Organziational Development

2. The Organization Development Network has defined 141 competencies needed in organizational development. Click on the 141 competenciesPreview the document and review the list. Where are you strong (identify five) and where would you be challenged (identify five)? Discuss why these would be a strength and a challenge. (1 page minimum) First Attachment

3. Organizational Development is the application of Applied Behavioral Science. Conduct an Internet search and discuss the concept of Applied Behavioral Science? How does it relate to making changes in an organization? Why is it important to change? (1 page minimum)

4. The Transformational Model (Organizational Input, Transformation and Output) is an important concept in Organizational Development. Go to the following website and read the article. (<link is hidden> . (Links to an external site.)Briefly discuss each of the major components of the model. Identify why they are important to making changes within an organization. (1 page minimum) <link is hidden>@4/Operations-management-The-input-output-transformation-model

5. Using your textbook and the Internet, define the following terms from the perspective of organizational development and change.


Action Research

Appreciative inquiry (AI)

System theory

Change Agent, Change Champion, Change Leader



360 degree feedback processes

Client feedback

Paradoxical Theory of Change


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