Paper One Causes of the American Revolution

Paper One Causes of the American Revolution

Paper One Prompt:

In a short paper, students will be evaluated on their ability to examine the causes and impact of the American Revolution (1763-1790).

“What Caused the American Revolution” 1000 – 1500 Words – Calibri, Times New Roman, or Arial 12, Chicago Style with footnotes (separate instructions on formatting to come).

Paper One Full Description:

Paper one requires you to think and rethink about the causes of the American Revolution. A thorough examination of American Colonial development demonstrates a complex historical narrative beyond that of an oppressed people taking their “unalienable rights” from a tyrannical government.

You have already thought about this question in class and will be exposed to several presentations purposely selected to help you write this paper. Specifically, the presentations focused on ideas and events to help you compare the initial goals of the colonists in 1765 (at the time of the Stamp Act) with the goals behind their ultimate decision to declare independence in 1776 will result in a decent rough draft.

There Is No Single Answer:

There are many possible answers to this question: taxes, lack of rights, propaganda, enlightenment ideology, American colonists were different, and many more. Regardless of your position a chronological description of the events leading up to the revolution does not answer the prompt. A complete answer uses that chronology to analyze how and why changes in the colonist’s ideas of liberty and freedom eventually made them believe eighteenth-century revenue acts were “destructive” to the colonists “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”


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