Parenting During Covid 19

Parenting During Covid 19

Your Mid- Term Exam will consist of you developing your Individual Research Paper (10 pages -maximum) that is to consist of the following sections in this order:

1. Cover Page (APA format – 12 point font)

2. Abstract

3. Introduction ( 2 page maximum)

4. Statement of the Problem ( 2 page maximum)

5. Literature Review

6. Research Questions

7. Conducting my research (Qualitatively or Quantitatively)





8. References (6 peer-reviewed journals) in addition to books, websites, magazines.

NOTE: Your Research Paper should be in this order and should in APAFormat with 1 inch margins and use spell check and proper grammar throughout your research paper.

The sections in red above will not be completed as class assignments after Mid-Term Exam. Each of the assignments and discussions prior to Mid-Term are the apart of and are to be added to your Mid-Term Research Paper. You will have to develop a 3-5 page PPT (Powerpoint Presentation) about your Research Paper to be included with your Research Paper. Your Research Paper and the your PPT. are to be emailed to me in Canvas.


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