Part I: (Pagan) Platonism

These questions are designed to test the student’s familiarity with Platonism and its relationship to the origins of Christian Mysticism.

Answers should each be written as a coherent paragraph of complete sentences, though the full essay format need not be employed you may skip a formal introduction and conclusion and just get right to the point). Questions will cover the book Plato, Phaedo, and additional readings in class.

Part I: (Pagan) Platonism

1. What do “realism” and “nominalism” mean in the ontology of abstract objects?

2. What is the fundamental ontological distinction in Platonism, and how are these ontological realms related to each other?

<link is hidden> is the “mystery of love” (as labeled by Diotima, but elaborated also by Plotinus)?

<link is hidden> is the further determinism of Platonism supplied by the Neoplatonists? (Explain how Goodness and Beauty are further determined, and what sort of cosmos follows from this, as well as what implications this has for one’s purpose in life.)

Part II: Christian Platonism

1. What are the Christological doctrines that are easily assimilated to Platonism, and what are those seemingly antithetical to Platonism?

2. What is the common understanding of evil and sin between pagan and Christian Neoplatonism?

3. What is the core of Augustine’s critique of pagan Neoplatonist philosophy?


This is what our professor wants from us “ 1. Choose a book about Entrepreneurial Finance and write a 2-3 page book report highlighting the 3 top take-aways. (4 points)

2. Upload a 5-7 minute slide presentation on the book in the comments section. (4 points)

3. Present the slides live in class on October 20 (2 points): Students will vote on the presentations. Top third to receive 2 points, middle third 1 point, bottom third 0 points. Note that all presentations must be pre-recorded and uploaded into the comments section. You will present in class, but you must upload a pre-recorded presentation. “

Please also write a one page summary of how I should present the slides and what I should say about the book. That is why I am paying for 4 pages instead of 3. 3 pages should be the report. 3 slides for presentation about the book. 1 page what i should say for each slide. I will leave the book to yourself to choose. A very good tip will be included, Thank you so much.


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