Parts of an Essay

Parts of an Essay

Basically, there are three parts to an essay: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

The introduction should familiarize the reader with the primary source (short story) and present the thesis of the essay.

The body of the essay should provide evidence from both the primary source (short story) and multiple secondary sources (scholarly journal articles and academic books) that supports the thesis of the essay.

The conclusion should demonstrate how the thesis of the essay has been successfully supported.

If necessary, research further information on the parts of an essay.

Using at least 160 words each, explain how your Essay 1 for this course did or did not achieve the objectives of the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. You may include what you would do differently if revising your essay. That’s 3 paragraphs of at least 160 words each (one for the introduction, one for the body, and one for the conclusion).

The essay I have provided is the essay I turned in. I received 55 points out of 100, so I am certain you will have plenty to write about. I have included the requirements on how the first essay should’ve been written.


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