personal philosphy

Read the articles on health education philosophy in the Personal Philosophy Folder and other material from your own research and prepare 3 page paper that best reflect your philosophy as a professional health educator or based on your understanding of the field. Discuss the general education approaches necessary to achieve the mission of health promotion in the target population or organization and the barriers which could limit fulfilling the mission.

Analyze philosophical approaches in education, critically analyze one’s own position regarding philosophical approaches. Construct an articulated social and personal philosophy of education based on philosophical orientations and historical underpinnings.

Write a research -based essay on the philosophy to include the following:

The title of the philosophy selected and an overview of that philosophy.
Description of the strengths and weakness associated with that philosophy.
What leadership style would fit with this philosophy or be most relevant or successful.
The paper should be 3 pages.
Please make sure you write your name and the date on your paper and number each page.
Your paper should be double spaced, Times Roman, 12 pt font. Use 1” margins and adhere to APA style.


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