Personal Reflection Paper/Presentation

Personal Reflection Paper/Presentation

Write a personal essay that analyzes the ways in which a particular experience or series of experiences contributed to your present interest in, understanding of, or attitude toward life. The essay should move beyond a mere recounting of events, but instead should analyze how an experience has shaped your identity. The essay should incorporate the material learned in class such as the Briggs Meyer assessment, implicit biases, and the DiSC assessment.

It’s important to find a focus that will anchor your narrative.

• Focus on a moment of confrontation with the unknown or with people or situations that tested your values or challenged your identity in some way.

• Focus on a situation where you found yourself included in or excluded from a particular group or community.

• Focus on a moment of conflict between your own experience and conventional wisdom: doing something that couldn’t be done, failing or struggling with something described as easy, finding value in something rejected by society.

• Focus on how social media has affected your professional track and how do you see yourself branding on it.

• Focus on how these can have an impact on you Respiratory Career.

Don’t just stick to your basic credentials, degree and studies. Share some transparency; something unusual that explains how you made it here. Keep it concise and appropriate, make it honest, and tell a good story. Conclude by answering the question, how has this experience shaped your present preferences and behaviors?


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