Design a Pharmacy based Public Health Intervention (25%)

For this assessment task you are required to design a pharmacy (community or hospital) based public health intervention.

Public Health and Health Promotion are becoming important areas of focus for pharmacy practice. You should first identify an area of public health/ health promotion that is

of interest to you. A good starting point is to identify specific public health priorities in a location you are interested in. Example ideas are vaccination, smoking cessation,

chronic pain management and many more. You can explore ideas that interest you. Then, research your chosen topic using the library databases (e.g. PubMed, Scopus,

ScienceDirect, RMIT library, Medline, Google scholar or any other relevant databases). When planning your intervention, you should identify the risks and benefits which may

exist for the individual taking part in the intervention, the practitioner (pharmacist) undertaking the intervention, as well as the impact of the intervention the pharmacy

profession and the broader community. You should also compare research undertaken in different locations, both in Australia and internationally to gain a thorough

understanding of thetopic.

Suggested structure:

• Abstract (Approximately 250 words). This should be written last and is a summary of your entire work

• Introduction

• In this section you will explain the reasons why you have selected this area of public health as your focus for the intervention you are designing. You must support

your explanation with reference to the academic literature or quality websites such as the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare or the Australian Bureau of

Statistics. This section could include evidence about the prevalence of a health problem in an area and the associated costs associated with this health problem. For

Example: You may have identified that mental health as a key area that would benefit from an intervention in that locality, but you would also discuss how good

mental health relates to good public health.

• Method: In this section you will explain what you will do for your public health intervention. You need to consider aspects like consent, privacy, record keeping and

how you would measure the effectiveness of your intervention. You should support this section with reference to the academic literature and draw any comparisons

between other or similar interventions targeting the area of identified need.

• Conclusion: In this message you will outline the key messages based on the specific information you have identified, and the associated intervention planned.

(approximately 50-75 words).

• Reference list (This could be listed as References or Bibliography)

At the end of your document please include the following sub-heading

• Key reference

Please include the details of one reference that was integral to your public health intervention. The words used in this section will not count into your work. This

may require 2-3 lines of text. This will assist me in evaluating your work. You may be able to copy and paste the reference from your reference list. Often there may

be more than 1 reference that is critical, but you can limit this to one.

It’s important that you support most of your statements within your work with references to the peer reviewed literature or quality websites. There is not a specific number

of references required, but you must reference whenever required.


• This assignment is worth 25% of your final grade.

• Word count – limited to 1500 (excluding references)

o 10% penalty applies to assignments >1650 or <1350 words in length.

• References – Must use APA style using End Note to incorporate the references

• Formatting – Please use Arial 11 font and 1.5 spacing to format your document. You should also include your name and student number in the header and

page number in the footer of the document.

• Submission mode – Electronic copy submitted via Turnitin as a word document.

o File name – First Name_Last-Name_PHAR1005assessment


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