Philosophy of Career Counseling Instructions

Philosophy of Career Counseling Instructions

Your personal philosophy and reflection of career counseling to high school student.

· Importance: Discuss why you think career counseling is important to high school students. Provide scholarly references to support this. This means you will have both in-text citations and references.

· Theory: Discuss a career theory you learned about throughout this course (Choose One)
Trait and Factor Theory
Person _Environment-Correspondence Counseling (PEC)
John Holland’s Typology
Krumboltz’s Learning Theory of Career Counseling
Happenstance Approach Theory
that you will use in your work as a counselor. Provide an overview of that theory and discuss why you chose that theory. Provide scholarly references to support this. (50 points)

· Intervention: From the theory you have chosen, identify one career intervention for that theory. Discuss specifically for what issue or presenting concern you would use that intervention and how you would use that intervention with a student/client. (50 points)

· What did you learn and in what ways did this course inform your role as a counselor or change your perspective about counseling? (25 points)

The paper is to be written in APA format and must be a minimum of four pages in length;
Tip #1: If the page requirement is 4 pages, I would suggest writing so that your content goes onto the fifth page. This ensures that you have met the page requirement. Do not exceed 6 pages!
Tip #2: I would suggest using the words in Bold as headings. Add an introduction paragraph and a conclusion paragraph.
Use the APA title page template provided in the Announcements.
Use Times New Roman, 12 point font.
Double space with no extra spaces between paragraphs
1 inch margins
Use at least 3 scholarly resources in your paper textbooks, peer-reviewed articles)
Use APA 7th edition formatted in-text citations and references

Text used was Career Counseling, A Holistic Approach, by Vernon G. Zunker


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