Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

1. Compare the patient’s performance on falls screens to the normative values (from the literature not just the 12 second cut off provided by the CDC for the TUG)

15 points for use of all available norms (age and gender when available); implication of findings

Only 10 points for relating findings to general normative guidelines and cursory discussion of the implication of findings

Only 5 points for incomplete discussion of norms and findings

2. List 2 risk factors that client has based on their performance on the screens and input from pharmacy and medicine relative to the person’s medication history.

10 points for each risk factor identified or total of 20 points

3. Generate 2 STG and 2 LTG specific to the patient case

5 points for each goal – goals should be reasonable, measurable and written in an appropriate manner or a total of 20 points

4. Develop a plan of care that includes 2 sessions in which you demonstrate skilled level of physical therapy. Interventions should be evidence-based. There should be a patient education component to the interventions. Be specific about dosing.(Be sure to include details of the interventions) It is important that your interventions address your goals. 20 points for each session – sessions should be appropriate for their patient, show use of evidence, include education and address above mentioned goals – total 40 points

References should be included for any norms (ie – TUG age and gender ) as well as for your plan of care. Minimum of 4 references all within the past 10 years or less.

2 points – .5 point for each reference – relevant to topic

Need to answer all 4 questions. References should be in AMA.


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