PICOT question

PICOT question: For nurses working with populations at risk for Covid-19 infection (P), how does use of cloth masks (I) compare to use of medical masks (C) for droplet transmission prevention (O) while wearing during a 12-hour shift (T)?

For this discussion you will make a practice recommendation for your facility based on the evidence, as well as population values and preferences:

Discuss the preferences and values of the population of interest (nurses) when it comes to wearing cloth masks versus medical masks. (What things are important to nurses? You might consider patient safety/outcomes, personal health, ease of <link is hidden> /> Discuss the preferences and values of patients. What things are important to patients? Would patients prefer their nurse to wear a medical mask versus a cloth mask during the pandemic? (Could it affect cost or outcomes for the patient?)

Finally, make a policy recommendation for your facility regarding the PICOT topic, which considers both the evidence (keeper study findings) and the population preferences/values. (Note: Even if your facility already has a policy in place regarding this topic, for this assignment, we are acting as though it does not.) Your position will either support or refute the ANA position statement about nurses not wearing cloth masks. Could enacting such a policy lead to better outcomes as opposed to the alternative?


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