Policy Brief #2 Assignment:

Two-page Policy brief summarizing your health policy recommendations for where to focus cost savings strategies based on the Case Study reading using the policy brief outline provided below.

Public Health Policy Brief #2- Cost Management Strategies for Veterans

You have been asked by Jose Lopez, a VHA Administrator, to provide your recommendation regarding the most cost effective care strategy to implement in his new clinic in the rural Southwest.

Jose has reviewed the current VA population and future projections for growth in his region, along with the continuum of care models and the latest statistics on the number of users by the type of program. Veterans ages 65 currently make up 60% of his enrolled clinic patients. His review determines that veterans who use institutional care (avg $ per user = $61k) cost on average three times that of veterans that use home or community based services (avg $ per user= $21k).

Jose understands that the aging population will likely increase the demand for future services and with budget funding not anticipated to grow at the same rate he needs to determine which of the VHA’s four strategies to overcome public health challenges associated with the aging population might work best for his clinic. The VA strategies he has asked you to review include: targeting, training, teams and technology.


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