Probability & Games of Chance

Answer each question. Length should be at least a paragraph, if detail requires more fully answer the question, and include references for each question. Each question must be answered completely. Each question answered separately.
Question 1.
Probability – Research a topic in probability that interests you. Explain the importance of this data and what you find interesting about the results. Possible topics include polygraphs and telling the truth, finding a blood type for a transfusion or kidney for a transplant, right-handedness or left-handedness in athletics, types and use of social media in different countries, or the chance of getting a disease overseas. Describe the example, the probabilities, and what you can determine given your research. Use a website reference for your data and cite your source.
Question 2.
Games of Chance – Pick two games where probability is involved and look up the method for playing that game. Describe how probabilities are involved and provide a summary of each in your own words for your classmates. Skill games where chance is involved are fine. Examples include: the lottery, bingo, horse racing, carnival games, poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, and any others you want to investigate. Here is a video that may help with basic card probabilities.


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