Protocols for Streaming Services” section

“Protocols for Streaming Services” section
● Find and identify if any of the existing vulnerabilities would or could lead to a no-go on the M&A.

● Review common streaming protocols,
○ explain how they work,
○ describe any known vulnerabilities,
○ explain how to secure the new company from cyber attacks.
● M&A related questions.
○ What are the technical vulnerabilities associated with the protocols involved the target company is leveraging?
○ Have those been mitigated? And to what extent (i.e., has the risk been reduced to zero, reduced somewhat, shifted to a third party, etc.)?
○ What residual risk to the target company’s assets and IP remain?
○ Would those risks extend to the current (takeover) company after the merger, and would that be bad enough to cancel the M&A? If yes, then, what should the target company do to further mitigate the risk? How should the takeover company mitigate the risk?
○ What are the costs associated to the target company (implementing the appropriate mitigation)?
If the takeover firm has to take additional measures, identify those costs as well.


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