Prompt: 1. For the Self-Evaluation 1 assignment, you will assess your current communication skills in the following areas:

a. Public speaking in front of a live audience b. Group communication skills c. Interpersonal communication skills d. Computer mediated communications skills 2. You should identify both strengths and weaknesses a. Don’t be afraid to be critical, map out areas of improvement and how you think this course can help you improve on those skills b. If you have a strength, let us know about it, that is awesome!

3. Set at least one goal for improving your communication skills in one of the areas you discussed above a. You should identify the goal and discuss how you hope to achieve it throughout the course b. If you want to set additional goals that is fantastic 4. The self-evaluation should be 2 full pages of text double spaced. Extra spaces or manipulation of the margins to lengthen your paper will result in a point deduction. a. This is an essay assignment, no bulleted lists. Grading: 1. This assignment is worth 25 points 2. Your instructor will assign points based on the following criteria: a. Assessment of all 4 communication skills mentioned in Step 1 b. Identification of both strengths and weaknesses c. Identification of a goal and a detailed plan laid out as to how to achieve that goal 3. Spelling and grammar 4. Proper formatting (2 pages double spaced, 12 font)


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