Read “Drama: Reading, Responding, Writing” (1070-1073)

Read “Drama: Reading, Responding, Writing” (1070-1073) Reading/Viewing Literature Itself Assignment: • Read Susan Glaspell’s Trifles (1073-1082). • View the 1968 Franco Zeffirelli-directed film (no other productions, please, only the Zeffirelli version) of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Many libraries have this Zeffirelli film available for free checkout. Or you can view it instantly for $2.99 from ( Or, if you plan ahead a little, subscribe for a free one-month trial from Netflix (allow time for the DVD to arrive through the postal service). Search for Romeo & Juliet-Zeffirelli-1968. The film runs 138 minutes Textbook Beaty, Jerome, et al. The Norton Introduction to Literature. Shorter 10th ed. NY: W.W. & Co., 2010 Make several insightful comments about one scene from the dramatic production of Romeo and Juliet you viewed. It should run at least twelve sentences in length. State what actor played Romeo and Juliet, how you viewed it (got it on a dvd from the library, watched it on YouTube, who you viewed it with, where and when), and how many minutes of it you watched (watch the entire film for full credit).


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