Review the List of Alternative Therapies

Download and review the List of Alternative Therapies.docx. You may choose a CAT from this list; there may be others to consider that are not on this list. In preparation for this assignment, review assigned readings from your textbooks and the resources concerning the Christian worldview provided in 1.2 Discussion. This is an ongoing assignment due in Workshop Four. Use any opportunity you may have to work ahead. Review the CAT Presentation Assessment Criteria, along with the assignment guidelines, in 4.3 Dropbox. Navigate to the threaded discussion to complete the following: For the assignment due in Workshop Four, you will prepare a CAT presentation (10 to 12 slides) with an identified target audience in mind, such as seniors, pre-natal mothers, cardiac rehabilitation, other nurses, etc. For this assignment, 1.6 Discussion, you will submit your chosen CAT for instructor approval. You may choose a therapy you believe is compatible with a Christian worldview or one that is not; the purpose of this assignment is to present the therapy/modality with related research and a critique of it based on Christian principles of a Christian worldview, as well as evidence-based practice. Select a CAT that you believe to be beneficial or a controversial one currently used in nursing.


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