Assignment 1. This assignment comprises two sections. Part One will involve the critique of a quantitative journal article. Part Two requires the analysis of and data-set using SPSS (or similar).
1500 words + SPSS analysis + appendices + tables
Part A
You will be provided with a journal article, which you will be required to review with an emphasis on understanding the design, methodology and analysis. For the report, markers will be looking for an awareness of and ability to provide a description (what) and critique (why appropriate, limitations) of the statistical techniques used in a journal paper. You should detail the sample (i.e. size (n), gender, particular characteristics (e.g. politicians, older females), the design (e.g. cross-sectional, RCT), statistical tests (e.g. ANOVA), and a summary of what the overall findings were alongside a brief assessment of whether this was an appropriate way to address the research question.
The word limit for Part A is 500 words. This is the only part of Assessment One with a word count, but penalties as described in notes of guidance will be applied to the overall mark.
Part B
You will be given a data-set (e.g. British Crime Survey 2007-2008 or similar), and asked to perform a series of tasks on the data set and answer specific questions. The tasks and questions form the marking criteria. Specifically you will be required to:
1. Differentiate between different types of data, e.g. scale, categorical, etc.
2. Generation two testable hypotheses, i.e. research questions that will guide your analysis.
3. Identify and perform two correct inferential tests, e.g. t-test, correlation, etc.
4. Interpret the analysis and report the quantitative output appropriately (accepting/rejecting hypotheses, reporting tests and p-values, etc.)
5. Provide a non-statistical interpretation of your findings.
6. Include a short critique of the research design for answering your research question (e.g. limitations).
There is no word limit for Part B, but you should ensure that your work is clearly presented and any superfluous material (e.g. SPSS output) is placed in the Appendices. Style should generally follow the format of a scientific journal or similar; as a guide, two pages of A4 would be sufficient (not including output tables in appendices).
Please find the attached article for Assignment 1.
Title: A racket-sport intervention improves behavioral and cognitive performance in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
Abstract: The present study assessed the effects of a 12-week table tennis exercise on motor skills, social behaviors, and executive functions in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In the first 12-week phase, 16 children (group I) received the intervention, whereas 16 children (group II) did not. A second 12-week phase immediately followed with the treatments reversed. Improvements were observed in executive functions in both groups after the intervention. After the first 12-week phase, some motor and behavioral functions improved in group I. After the second 12-week phase, similar improvements were noted for group II, and the intervention effects achieved in the first phase were persisted in group I. The racket-sport intervention is valuable in promoting motor skills, social behav- iors, and executive functions and should be included within the standard-of-care treatment for children with ADHD.


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