SPSS: ANOVA or Multiple Regression

Brief Research Report
You are required to write a practical report containing a title-page, abstract, results, and discussion sections along with a reference section, and appendix. Please note that you pay particular attention to the presentation of your report. Ensure that the report is correctly formatted in APA style. Getting the presentation right may require rewrites, so be prepared and plan your time carefully. The report should be based on the experiment and data provided in the Research Report Assignment folder which are uploaded. The analysis should involve either ANOVA or Multiple Regression. The report should follow the APA formatting guidelines described in the APA publication manual.
Title Page: The title should be on a separate page. (This needs to be decided by the researcher).
Abstract (120 words max): The abstract should also be on a separate page. It should contain a brief description of the study, e.g. what issue was addressed, what the findings were, and what conclusions were drawn.
Results Section (2 pages max): First, you should describe the results in relation to the prediction you are testing.
Discussion (2 pages max): Discuss your findings in relation to your theory/hypothesis and previous relevant research. If the results were inconsistent with the hypothesis, consider why this may have been the case. For example, was there a problem with the experimental design? Was there some other factor that may have influenced the results? You should broaden your discussion to consider the wider implications. Finally, can you provide at least one proposal for how you think this line of research could be extended in a further study. References: Any references cited in the text should be included here. For guidelines see the APA manual.


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