Using an organisation of your choice on which to base your assessment, critically evaluate how strategic marketing plans are used to attain desired marketing objectives.

Learning Outcomes Covered by this assessment.

  1. Identify the elements of marketing planning and critically evaluate its use in the organisation you are examining.
  2. Critically evaluate the use of target marketing (segmentation, targeting and positioning) in the organisation of your choice.
  3. Critically evaluate the use of components of the marketing mix by the chosen organisation and relate this to the approach to target marketing identified in Learning Outcomes 1 and 2.

Specific Criteria / Guidance

Areas that should be included in your discussion are as follows:

  • You may select any organisation, but one in consumer markets may be easier to help illustrate your points. This also depends on your own work experience and access to a business.
  • You may refer to other organisations or industry cases for comparison, to support your analysis.
  • The importance of planning and the use marketing activities should be a theme through your assessment.
  • You are not expected to provide detailed information about the organisation’s actual marketing strategies or marketing objectives, but you should be able to make sensible inferences based on your reading, knowledge and context of the organisation. In some cases this information may be available, and you should look to use it in supporting your analysis.
  • You should provide a critical evaluation of how your organisation uses marketing techniques to achieve its marketing objectives and fulfil consumer requirements.
  • Aim to demonstrate good knowledge of the use of market positioning, segmentation and targeting, importance of branding; as well relevant and prioritised elements of the marketing mix for your selected organisation.

  • It’s essential that you make full use of theory, models and references to support your points


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