You are a management consultant who has been hired to advise the organisation below on how to implement a change. Read the case and then look at the guidance as to what your report should cover.

Swann and Ali LLP

Swann and Ali is a large firm of solicitors with over 70 years experience and offices in London, Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff and Edinburgh. They provide services in a number of areas: personal injury, employment law, business legal services, commercial law and family law.

The firm’s financial performance for the 2015-16 year ending June 2016 was below expectations. In April 2016 Swann and Ali they completed their take-over of another firm of solicitors, to enhance their family and personal injury provision. Since then they have revised their values, which are summed up as:

•Accessible and inclusive
•Personalised service
•Leading with innovation

A performance improvement programme is also being implemented. The firm plans to restructure ways of working at each office in a bid to enhance co-operation and integrate incoming expertise within business services and personal injury.
New, autonomous teams, based around expertise (e.g. business services or personal injury) are being formed. Each team of solicitors, legal executives and paralegals will have its own dedicated IT specialist, HR Business Partner, Finance Officer, Risk Compliance Officer and Support Staff. The restructure is intended to ensure that world class services are provided, both efficiently and profitably. There may also be a need to stop providing certain services in certain locations. It is intended that these changes, which will have some impact on the wider business, will be completed by 31st May 2018.

The task
Swann and Ali have called in support from your firm as they are expects in change management and they prefer to use an external agent to guide the change.

Drawing on materials and resources related to lectures 1-5 you should write a management report of 2,500 words (+/- 10%) which addresses the following points:

1.Highlights to the executive the various challenges Swann and Ali are likely to face in implementing these changes, and why (drawing on theory) (40 marks).

2.Makes recommendations, based on theories of change, as to how they proceed (30 marks).

3.Provides advice on any actions the firm may take towards the end of the change programme, in terms of ‘future proofing’ their organisation for change (15 marks).


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