The Evolution of Depression

Your outline serves as a table of contents and an organizational schema for your paper. The outline should include a working title of your paper and a brief (200-250 word) introduction to your topic. The introduction should be engaging and informative and include:

background information; and
your thesis statement (usually the last sentence of your introductory paragraph).
The outline will also include specific details of the body of your paper. There are many possible formats for the body: you may list the main points, or arguments (pros and cons), etc. The body will provide evidence that supports and defends your thesis statement.

References that you have gathered and plan to use up to this point should be properly cited in a Working Bibliography section at the end of your outline. A common way to construct an outline is to begin the first section with the Roman numeral, then capital letters. Move on to Arabic numerals, lower-case letters, and then lower-case Roman numerals. Microsoft word has many outline templates that will assist you in this part of your assignment. See examplePreview the documentView in a new window

The final outline should include:

a working title,
an introduction (200-250 words),
an outline, and
a reference page with at least 5 peer-reviewed sources.


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