Week 5 – Assignment: Evaluate Websites for Myths/Misinformation

This week, you reviewed why myths and misinformation often take hold, and you explored some ways to spot misleading claims in the broad field of nutrition. Journalists have limited space to take complicated and nuanced research findings and make them understandable for the public. In this assignment, you will have the choice between two topics: the safety of food dyes and the links between these dyes and behavior/mental health, or the efficacy of Vitamin B in preventing mental illnesses.

Once you have made your choice, do the following:

Read the research study first. As you read, analyze the study protocol and conclusions, using the skills you practiced in last week’s assignment. You do not need to write an essay, but think about your responses to the guidelines posted above.
Read the accompanying news article that reports on the study.
Review the linked consumer website that also focuses on the topic.
Complete the readings/review in this order.

Next, make a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation that compares the original research study with the reporting that you found. Your presentation should summarize the study, evaluate the strength of the reporting, and note whether the consumer website is accurate. Note any misinformation or myths that you come across in the news article and consumer website, and show how you would restate the claims.


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