You are to complete a 1-page essay writing in the format of discussion on The Telecommunication as the major category of application of linear programming for the client’s Management Science class. “Choose one of the major categories of applications of linear programming. Give an example of an application of the model. Support whether the variables have to be integers for your example”

ASSESSMENT INSTRUCTIONS IR Strategic Report – Workplace Dispute You will need to identify one organisation that is in dispute with their employees in relation to grievance, or conflict associated with industrial relation activities. The dispute has been documented in the media, either currently or in the past. For current disputes review Go to the bottom of the page under Quick links to find recent decisions and orders. You should review the websites of the relevant organisations that are in dispute. Search for and gain access to the organisations mission vision and values or company strategic plan and operational plans so that you analyse the organisation’s goals and objectives in terms of industrial relations objectives. You are to report on the relationship between the strategic and operational plans and industrial relations objectives. Present your findings in a business report of 1800 to 2500 words in length. Your report should address the Assessment criteria listed below. NOTES: PLEASE USE Case of choice word count 2000


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