Your first RR should involve a more in depth interpretation of either the Tiamat/Marduk relationship in the Enuma Elish

The response addresses a reading from the current or previous week. It demonstrates sufficient time (at least 2-3 hrs) reading/thinking about, and researching the material. It develops themes/concepts from the readings in your own words—either formulating these yourself or developing them from study questions—and poses relevant questions and points of possible clarification to the reading. It utilizes online or other resources where appropriate to deepen context and understanding. It presents an adequate array of information, citation, and explanation to demonstrate mastery of core content. The points made in the reading response are correct and generally interesting, and based upon a relevant array and integration of citations from the primary sources, and where applicable/relevant, secondary sources. The response potentially contributes something of intellectual or human value to our class discussion about the reading. Quotes from all texts are used in a transparent manner, and are well explained. The response is written clearly, logically, and carefully, it is free of grammar and spelling mistakes, and reflects college-level writing and critical thinking. Use and applications of argument: arguments are well laid out, assumptions, counter- positions, and implications of main arguments are carefully stated, explored, & revisited. The response is at least 2-3 pages, 1.5 or Double Spaced, 12 pt. font with standard margins (1 inch). Clear bibliographical information is provided, and cited appropriately (MLA/Chicago, or Author, Year, Page).
Beyond demonstrating sufficient work ethic (above), the response demonstrates significant critical and creative thought, both in regards to the existential or aesthetic value of the reading for the author’s own life experience, and in regards to its application to contemporary issues, events, or concerns. If experimental in genre, the response is self-aware regarding its aims, accomplishments, and limitations.


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